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outsideagencies.jpegSTAMFORD — Republican Board of Finance member Jerry Bosak said yesterday he is not comfortable with Mayor David Martin’s proposal to bolster public funding to Stamford nonprofits by at least 10 percent.

“Some agencies do it better than others, but there has to be a real aggressive effort on fundraising,” Bosak said. “It has to be a partnership with the citizens, a partnership with the city and a partnership with the agency itself. I don’t believe a 10 percent across-the-board increase is something I’m going to (support).”

Martin said he is looking to restore funding to outside agencies like the Ferguson Library and Stamford Museum and Nature Center, which saw their public funding slashed 17 percent under former Mayor Michael Pavia’s first budget.

Here’s a little bit of historical context for the debate, courtesy of a budget presentation slideshow prepared by the mayor’s office.


The chart shows public funding to Stamford nonprofits increased steadily over the last term of former Mayor Dannel P. Malloy’s tenure, peaking at about $11.2 million right before he left office to run for governor.

Pavia’s slashed nonprofit funding in 2009, but gradually restored some of that money over the rest of his tenure. Martin’s proposal to boost the city’s support about 10 percent would bring Stamford’s public funding for nonprofits to about $11 million – close to the past decade’s peak funding level.

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2 Responses

  1. R U Kidding says:

    Why would they work hard when they can just put their cup up to be filled by the Mayor using other people’s money. It’s the perfect scam! A chicken in every pot and you are guaranteed to get elected to another term. God help us all then interest rates finally go up and we have to pay off Uncle Dan and Uncle David’s bills. Maybe we can all sit around and see him explain it on a google chat.

  2. CKReed says:

    I see no reason why the not for profits Stamford can not fundraise like the viable not for profits. What a hack of Mayor!