Stamford man arrested for leaving accident scene, saying car was stolen


A Stamford man was arrested Tuesday for crashing into two cars parked at a Stillwater Avenue restaurant late at night on March 1 and running away.

Walter Ruiz Morales, 37, of 28 Taff Ave., Stamford, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, criminal attempt at second-degree forgery, making a false report, driving without a license and travelling too fast for conditions.

Police were called to Restaurant Maya at 11:30 p.m. on March 1 for a Toyota 4-Runner that crashed into two others in the restaurant’s parking lot. One of the vehicles was pushed into the foundation of a residential building at 38 Finney Lane. A witnesses told police that the passenger in the car and the driver ran away from the scene, briefly hid in a nearby construction site and walked away eastbound on Stillwater Avenue toward the Discovery Café bar.

An hour later, police traced the 4-Runner to its registered owner, Ruiz Morales, but were unable to find him on Richmond Place, where the vehicle was registered. About four hours after the accident, Ruiz Morales turned up at the police department where he told officers that his car had been stolen. Police noticed that Ruiz Morales smelled of alcohol and his eyes were glassy and appeared intoxicated.

His girlfriend, who accompanied him to the police station, said Ruiz Morales came home at 2:30 a.m. and told her his car had been stolen from Henry Street, where he had been drinking at his mother’s house. But Ruiz Morales could not give a specific address for his mother.

At that point, Ruiz Morales girlfriend became angry and began yelling at her boyfriend.

A witness at the scene later identified Ruiz Morales as the driver of the 4-Runner when it slammed into the cars.