The city’s agreement with Turn of River


STAMFORD — Mayor David Martin announced Wednesday that the city has reached an agreement with the Turn of River Fire Department, settling a year-old legal dispute with the volunteer company.

“I’m very happy and proud that we’re able to make this announcement today,” Martin said at a news conference at the Government Center. “It’s a historic moment that shows tremendous progress in a battle and disputes that have been going on for 20 years.”

We’ll have full coverage in this week’s Stamford Advocate. For now, here’s the complete copy of the agreement:

City agreement with Turn of River Fire Department


3 Responses

  1. Brian McCaffery says:

    All this did was create six different deartments again. Well done Brainiacs.

  2. Politicalwrangling says:

    Amazing. Settle one lawsuit with a duct tape job And you’re just asking for another lawsuit from those people who followed the rules. Wow.

  3. Thomas Gavin says:

    TOR voted for this because the city agreed to hire eight volunteer firefighters. There is currently an active civil service eligibility list for the position of firefighter. The volunteers will be hired without ever having to take an open competive written exam. This is not a fair way to use Federal funds and it’s certainly not fair to those people that took the test four years ago and are still waiting to be hired. Hopefully FEMA will realize that their money is going to be spent on cronyism and not Equal Opportunity Employment.