Retired Stamford fire boat can be yours… place your bid now

Stamford fire boat_Advocate

The city is auctioning off its retired firefighting boat, having replaced it with a more up-to-date boat that can detect various types of bombs, in addition to the usual equipment for rescues and fires.

auctions_international_rescue_boat_ad (1)The old boat still runs fine, but with homeland security funds available to pay for the new boat, the replacement made sense. Read more about the new boat here.

The auction is June 5th, but bids are being taken online already. Read more about the auction here.




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Christine Hall

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  1. mc says:

    So silly. The federal government should not be dishing out so much money for ridiculous trophy items. Stamford Harbor will never be bombed. Nor will any port in the state of Connecticut. If that technology ever gets used, it will be in NYC.