Stamford fireworks are a go


STAMFORD — Fireworks will explode over Stamford Harbor as usual July 3 thanks to corporate sponsors, Mayor David Martin announced this morning.

Donors have pledged more than $90,000 to fund the show, which will last five minutes longer than previous years. The city will pay about $15,000 of the event’s total $110,000 estimated cost, Martin said.

We’ll have full coverage in tomorrow’s Advocate, but in the meantime I’m looking for feedback from residents. Are you happy the fireworks won’t be cancelled, as the mayor warned about earlier this spring? Or do you think even $15,000 is a waste of taxpayer money in these Tough Economic Times?

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10 Responses

  1. caroline says:

    And if there were no fireworks, the same old complainers would be out in force saying how terrible it is that we pay all these taxes don’t even have fireworks. Some people are never happy, and that’s just it.

  2. JCS says:

    This is a total waste of money. Why would we ask corporations to donate money for fireworks when there are so many others issues facing our city/community that need money. $110,000 for 20 minutes of entertainment?? Doesn’t add up. And, those 20 minutes cause so many headaches for so many.

  3. Fireworks Boy says:

    This is good news. Pavia messed up badly by not having this for a few years.

  4. Bob Pinto says:

    These companies should be paying for the full cost. Just an fyi, Mayors night out/in is a joke and so is Martin and his staff.They make you wait and then cancel on you when it’s your time to talk. One and done for sure come election time.

  5. veritas says:

    It is the best per capita expense the city has.

  6. Poor Stamford Resident says:

    Fireworks are not a necessity; there are better things that $15K can be spent on.

    Most of the people who will be there will most likely be out of towners; no english speaking people and people who do not respect the parks.

  7. sandy says:

    I am sorry, but after another increase in Property Tax, too the point we are thinking how we can bail out of here, it’s a slap in the face too property owners, and also lets look at everything falling apart in Stamford, from Schools, too equipment, oh and the roads! they are destroying our vehicles, in which we pay tax on as well, every year!, and lets not forget our out dated animal shelter, The Glory of fireworks don’t cut it for me personally, waste of our Money, and it puts me rather on the angry side, We are looking at a One Term Mayor, sorry too say, Priority’s come First.

  8. Joan B says:

    But no animal shelter? This is a waste of money when we need so much updating of our infrastructure in Stamford. Why can’t the Mayor put the same energy into getting corporate donations for a new animal shelter? Also, though most attendees are respectful, a number are not and they park anywhere and drop their garbage along the streets for taxpayers to either pay crews to clean up or clean up ourselves if we live near the beach. No thanks.

  9. dinosaur says:

    15K down the drain, plus all the overtime for police, fire, and operations. I see a new position in the offing: “Fireworks Coordinator.”

  10. Leo Kremer says:

    Yes, even $15,000 to be paid by City of Stamford for fireworks, would be better spent on the average property reduction of $300/ea for 50 households.