The Hole project could be stuck at a red light


Bill Hennessey, the attorney for the would be developer of The Hole, told the Zoning Board Monday night the project is hung up over demands by the city to replace four intersection traffic signals and other upgrades to the roads downtown.

“The developer is not willing to undertake the signalization cost,” Hennessey said after describing the four intersections RB Stamford Associates have been asked to rebuild if it gets approvals to create an 11-building, 672-unit complex on Tresser and Greyrock downtown.

For years, The Hole has been in the city’s heart, a gaping abyss into which other developers have tried to gaze, only to have the abyss gaze back.*

Monday night, Hennessey and the RB Stamford team wrapped up their presentation, offering details on the facade and its materials for the project as well as discussing how the buildings will be tied together by interior hallways and a central, park-like area, dubbed the Oasis.

The board closed the public hearing on the application, but did not take a vote.

The city and developer have to work out details on the issue of signalization and infrastructure, but Hennessey said the developer sees the streets and signals as the city’s infrastructure.

He noted Stamford is already a high cost city, with just the building permits for a project like this coming in at more than $2 million.

“That’s just the price for the privilege of building,” Hennessey noted.

*Nietzsche reference. Apologies to the philosopher.

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Rob Varnon

7 Responses

  1. veritas says:

    The one that’s there now is a copy.

  2. veritas says:

    Rich will cry all the way to the bank.
    The city should only consider diving him a break if his family somehow
    ‘finds’the former Stamford Theatre prosceneum by Gutzon Borglum that it somehow managed to’lose’ during construction of the Rich Forum

  3. Dan says:

    This is a seriously F’d up city we live in! Let’s get this straight. The city is holding up this project to FINALLY do something with this hole in the middle of downtown Stamford that has been like that for over 30 years because of 4 traffic lights???

    How about this Stamford officials, with over 800 city employees making over $100,000/year, maybe you guys should foot the bill if the city can’t afford to do it on it’s own. What an F’in joke!

  4. SF Sarah says:


  5. LVTfan says:

    So they think we-the-people ought to cover the costs of traffic signals?

    Just curious: are they expecting any abatements?

    Are those 672 units going to have 300 parking spots? 500? 700? 900?

    How will they get from their parking to I-95? How will the carless residents get to the railroad station?

    I assume it will likely put some significant load on the city streets? Seems reasonable that since the developers will be collecting significant revenue in the process, asking them to share the costs associated with that load — rather than off-loading it onto the rest of us — is not unreasonable.

    Nice try, though!

  6. stargazer says:

    I’m beginning to think the city of Stamford simply wants this hole in the ground to remain a hole in the ground until the day I die. I’m 48 years old and I can’t remember a building ever being there in my lifetime.

  7. CKReed says:

    We should stick Mani Poola in a closet and throw away the key