Rollover closes Seaside Avenue

Seaside Avenue was closed for an hour Thursday morning after a vehicle struck a parked car in The Cove and flipped over in the middle of the street.

The accident, involving a Toyota Celica and a parked pickup truck, was reported at 7 a.m.

Two young women were able to get themselves out of the car before help arrived.

Witnesses said the Celica with New York plates was driving southbound on Seaside Avenue, a somewhat narrow road with parking on both sides, when it struck a red Ford pickup parked in front of 148 Seaside Avenue and rolled over on its roof.

City of Stamford Highway Department worker Santo Didonato said he was driving northbound on Seaside Avenue when he came upon the wreck a moment after it happened.

He said the driver’s side door was already opened and two young women were sitting on the sidewalk. He asked the girls if they were okay and they said, yes they were pretty shook up. He said they told him that they already called the accident in to 911.

The owner of the pickup truck said the collision with his vehicle pushed his parked truck a little more than a dozen feet south on the road, leaving its right front tire over the curb.

The two women declined medical attention.