Man crashes millionaire’s super-rare Ferrari Enzo in Stamford


The Enzo seen here jammed up against the Jersey barrier facing southbound on the northbound side of I-95. The man sitting on the ground is wearing a Miller Motorcars Ferrari shirt. Contributed/John Michael Hoda

Update June 25: The Advocate received a photo Wednesday of the crash from West Haven resident John Hoda, who was on his way to work in Mamaroneck when he saw the crash happen in the northbound lanes. He stopped his car, hopped the Jersey divide and went to help the driver and passenger. The car appeared to be smoking and he worried it was on fire, so pulled them out of the car, he said.

Hoda, who said he works as a private investigator for Davis Investigations, said he feels strongly about people who speed, as a friend of his was crippled for life when hit by a speeding driver 20 years ago.

Original post: A New York man driving a rare Ferrari Enzo owned by a Cuban-born multi-millionaire lost control of the $600,000-plus car while getting onto Interstate-95 at Exit 7 in Stamford Monday morning.

The driver and passenger appear to be technicians for Miller Motorcars, the Greenwich-based ultra-luxury car dealership. The driver suffered a minor cut, and the passenger was unhurt.

The car, however, was heavily damaged in the center of the right side of the car, State police Lt. J. Paul Vance said.

The car shown here jammed up against the Jersey divide. Contributed/John Michael Hoda

The car shown here jammed up against the Jersey divide. Contributed/John Michael Hoda

The 650-horsepower car began to fishtail as it traveled up the northbound entrance ramp to the highway at 8:45 a.m., struck a bridge wall on the right, spun around across all three lanes and smashed into the center divider. It slid along the the jersey barrier backward before stopping in the median facing south, Vance said.

The driver, Leonardo G. Garcia, 40, of New Rochelle, N.Y., suffered a minor cut to the right side of his head and was taken to Stamford Hospital, according to a state police report. He was issued a ticket for failing to drive in an established lane. The passenger, Daniel Palchik, 31, of Greenwich, was uninjured.

The Greenwich-based Miller Motorcars website lists a Leonardo Garcia as a Ferrari technician, and a Daniel Palchik as an Aston Martin technician. Palchik’s work email address is listed on Lexis/Nexis as being a Miller Motorcars address.

A receptionist at Miller Motorcars in Greenwich initially hung up when an Advocate reporter called to inquire about the crash. In subsequent call the receptionist said she would check with her supervisor, and then said the dealership “had nothing to say” about the crash.

The scrape marks on the Jersey divide where the Enzo skidded down it. Contributed/John Michael Hoda

The scrape marks on the Jersey divide where the Enzo skidded down it. Contributed/John Michael Hoda

Miller Motorcars also has a dealership and shop on Magee Avenue in Stamford. Calls to that outlet were not answered.

Enzos are one of – if not the – most expensive of the Ferraris. Only about 399 of them were built, which can drive up the price to more than $2 million on the used car market. Even just a model of the car retails for more than $6,000 on the Ferrari online store.

The car’s owner, Michael Fux, of New Jersey, is known as having revolutionized the mattresses industry with memory foam, and made much of his fortune with two companies he founded – Sleep Innovations, and Comfort Revolution, according to Forbes magazine. He came to the United States from Cuba with his family as a child in 1958, settling in Newark, N.J., where they started with nothing, according to a profile of Fux in BedTimes, a mattress industry trade publication. Today Fux (pronounced “fyooks”) is a philanthropist and a prominent exotic car collector who frequently shows his automobiles at the world’s most prestigious car shows, including the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Named after the founder of the Ferrari supercar company in Italy, the Enzo is also one of the fastest Ferraris, with a top speed of 218mph.

The all-things-automobile blog Jalopnik posted the photo below a passerby submitted to them. Find their full story here:










This is what the Ferrari Enzo is supposed to look like:

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