Poll: Are dogs from Stamford’s shelter safe?

The former manager of the city’s animal shelter was recently fired and then criminally charged in connection with allowing dangerous dogs to be adopted, even when they were brought back after biting their adoptive owners. What do you think? Take our poll:

Do you have confidence that the Stamford animal shelter has been safely adopting out dogs?

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Christine Hall

8 Responses

  1. Carrie S says:

    Once again, the Stamford Advocate should do their homework on these accusations before printing them as facts. When the truth prevails, I hope you will cover the story as much as you have with the baloney that has come out of Mayor Martin’s mouth. The residents of Stamford should be outraged that this very long and drawn out biased investigation has gone on far too long and that we as tax payers are flipping the bill. Mayor Martin, why don’t you focus on building a new shelter and properly staffing it??

  2. Leonard S says:

    About 4 years ago my family adopted a 4 month old mixed breed dog from the Stamford Animal Shelter. The dog is the best dog I have ever owned and confirmed to me that adopting a rescue dog is the only way to go. I would never consider buying a dog from a breeder or pet store. Ms. Hollywood seemed like she cared deeply for the animals (more than the humans coming to adopt at times!!) and took her job and responsibilities seriously. I truly feel that she did the best job she could have with the resources she had.

  3. Diane says:

    Stupidest poll ever – what idiot thought of this question. Unless you’ve adopted or visited you would not know and would answering based on feeling not on fact. Why not try thinking for yourself ….AK: After 9 years and 1,458 successful dog adoptions , and Employee of the Month – Why now are these biting claims being made??? Could it be to prevent building a new shelter? Could it be to give a cops kid a job? Could it be that killing is easier and less costly? Could it be that Laurie spoke the truth and the upper politicals got mad? I hope the she wins more money than a new shelter would have ever cost and I really, really, really hope the Advocate makes at least one journalism class mandatory before hiring.

  4. Joan B says:

    I hope Laurie Hollywood sues this city and the Advocate and ends up owning 888 Washington Boulevard after how she has been treated by the city and this local rag newspaper. And yes, I do live here and it would come out of my tax money as well.

  5. IMLeaving says:

    How can anyone possibly have confidence that the dogs have been safely adopted out, when several of the dogs have bitten many times? I know it is very sad that these types of dogs have been cruely bred to be violent, by some human “animals” – can anyone say Michael Vick?? But unfortunately it does not change the fact that they are a violent breed. You cannot adopt out a dog and just hope for the best.

  6. AdoptAPet says:

    Christine: Why are you and this unethical paper that you work for so obsessed with this story? Why do you and your employer hate homeless shelter pets so much that you would run a worthless, hateful poll like this? Disgusting!

  7. Poor Stamford Resident says:

    If these animal lovers are so concerned about these dogs (or other animals that are potentially dangerous, let them start up their own adoption agency and shelter.
    They may have a change of heart when someone goes after them when one of these repeat offender animals bites again after being adopted.

  8. Joan B says:

    Anyone who doesn’t have confidence in Laurie’s judgment has either never adopted a pet from a shelter or believes what they read in the paper. I think the Advocate has proven this past few weeks that you cannot believe everything you read – or in the case of this newspaper – anything you read.