Judge maintains $1 million bond against downtown shooter


STAMFORD — The man who allegedly sprayed a crowd of late-night bar patrons in the middle of downtown Stamford with gunfire early Sunday morning wounding five bystanders was ordered held on $1 million bond Monday as prosecutors characterized him as a “very serious threat to the community.”

Dayron Wills, 22, of 300 Tresser Boulevard, is charged with five counts each of first-degree assault with a firearm, first degree reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and possession of marijuana.

His attorney Darnell Crosland did not enter a plea on Wills’ behalf and requested a hearing for next month to have his bond reduced.

Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Valdes said Wills was captured on video firing at least 10 shots into a crowd as people were streaming out of bars and nightspots downtown and hit five people at random. Valdez said Wills also confessed to firing the shots.

“This is a very serious case and there’s a very strong case against him,” Valdes told state Superior Court Judge Erica Tindall in arguing for the $1 million bond to be maintained.

Police said Wills fired at least 10 shots outside Tino’s Nightclub at 84 West Park Place where he was allegedly punched in the face by another man following a disagreement over a woman.

Wills held a valid, concealed carry pistol permit that was issued thee days ago, police said.
It is not known if Wills was at Tino’s prior to the incident, but business leaders are calling for the club to be shut down following the shooting and a string of other fights that have drawn police responses.

A spokeswoman for the State Department of Consumer Protection’s Liquor Control Division just told The Advocate that Tino’s night club on West Park Place is closed temporarily under a voluntary suspension to cooperate with the investigation.

Jonathan Lucas

6 Responses

  1. Sheila Brown says:

    The shooting in downtown Stamford was a tragedy as was the bail. If this had been a white male with a valid gun permit and no prior arrests the bail would have been less then $50,000 not one million

  2. David says:

    They call him A-Cup on the street cuz of his breastees.

  3. W A says:

    What’s wrong with this judge
    This is attempted murder
    Surly he should be held without bond ??

  4. CN says:

    Age 19 – charged with illegally possessing a weapon
    Age 22 – [hopefully] convicted of attempted murder once the prosecutors get their act together
    What’s next following release from a far too short prison sentence from which, after hanging out with other violent felons, the shooter is a changed man? Yet we continue to let these people out of prison?

  5. MikeT says:

    BUT, his mother says he’s a good boy……oh, sure.

  6. LG says:

    How is this thug not being charged with attempted murder?