Pedestrian struck in downtown Stamford

STAMFORD — A city woman was struck and seriously injured while walking across Hoyt Street at the intersection of Summer Street in downtown Stamford around 12:45 p.m. Monday.

Both the pedestrian and female driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe that struck the woman were taken to Stamford Hospital.

Capt. Thomas Wuennemann said the 49-year-old woman who was crossing Hoyt Street suffered “life-threatening” injuries.

The pedestrian was found underneath the Tahoe when police arrived and rescue crews had to use a jack and wooden cribbing blocks to get her out, Wuennemann said

The black SUV was heading south on Summer Street and turning east on Hoyt Street when it hit the woman who was walking south across Hoyt Street.

At first police said the woman was in the cross walk when she was struck, but Lt. Sean Cooney said investigators still have to determine exactly where the woman was when she crossed the street. It is not clear at this time if the pedestrian was walking with the cross signal or not, Cooney said.

The pedestrian was unconscious when police and firefighters arrived. A large amount of blood could be seen under the car after the woman, who was found laying between the front and rear tires, was removed.

Eyewitness Frannie Benson said the woman was about 15-feet outside the cross walk when the accident happened.

Benson, 66,said she just left her doctor’s office moments before and was the first in line at the stop light on Hoyt Street to cross Summer Street when the accident happened.

Benson, of Bridgeport, said she saw the woman step into the street about 20 or so feet away from where Summer Street intersects Hoyt. A second after seeing the woman cross in front of her she saw the Tahoe come around the corner on a collision course.

“I said to myself, no, no, no, no, no. She wouldn’t have heard me because my window was up. The car ran right over her. The driver screamed her head off, but the lady (pedestrian) didn’t say a word,” Benson said. “It looked bad. I don’t know if the lady is going to make it or not.”

Benson said she did not know if the female pedestrian was crossing on the signal or not.

The female driver of the Tahoe was extremely upset after striking the woman and she was taken to the hospital for observation. Cooney said accident investigators will present their findings to the Stamford State’s Attorney’s office to determine if charges should be filed against the driver.

Police closed Hoyt Street next to the accident scene and restricted lanes on Summer Street to allow responding safety officers room to investigate the accident.

About an hour after the accident Maureen Namawerjee said she wasn’t sure that she can trust the walk signals that give her the right to cross the street on foot because some drivers seem to pay so little attention to them.

Namawerje, 28, said, “There have been a bunch of times when I wait for the signal and have the right to cross, but people make a left hand turn in their cars like you are not even there. And then you have to step back and go, ‘are you for real?'”

Namawerje, who works in a building on Summer Street right next to the accident site said she works with a woman who will only run across the street, even when she has the signal to cross. “She doesn’t think the people will stop for her,” Namawerje said.


Jonathan Lucas

10 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    Without a doubt some pedestrians do really dumb things, but if you take a look at any of the major intersections you will see tons of people running red lights, flying around corners, talking on a phone or texting without paying attention to people in the crosswalk (who are walking when and where they are supposed to). I live downtown and used to walk down Washington Blvd. to the train every day and almost got hit a couple different times even though I had the right away. Even if pedestrians do dumb things, it doesn’t give drivers the right to hit them. I have seen older ladies crossing the street who couldn’t make it across the 4 lanes of traffic before the walk sign switched and the cars behind me lay on the horn because I didn’t go (and just push her out of the way). Is that called for? Bottom line, this woman died and everyone should be trying to prevent tragedies like this in the future.

  2. Briana says:

    Surprised this did not happen earlier i only have been to Stamford once, and in my first experience I almost got NAILED by a car at the cross walk even though pedestrians have the right away at the cross walk the residents of stamford don’t seem to care.

  3. jeff says:

    Do any of you people commenting actually live or drive in Stamford? It is the pedestrians causing most of the problems, not the drivers. Constant jaywalking, total disregard for the lights, assuming drivers will stop. This year I have seen two different men pushing baby strollers jaywalk in traffic, one at midnight!!

  4. Katie says:

    Are the cops even watching the traffic in Stamford? Anyone who walks around downtown knows that you take your life in your hands when crossing the street. There is no respect for people on foot. Yes, pedestrians are sometimes not walking where they should, but you still don’t hit them! It just seems overall that cars do whatever they want with few consequences – Running red lights, not yielding to pedestrians, right on red when not allowed. You name it.

  5. joem2112 says:

    When did our traffic signals change? When did we become like NYC? I’ve noticed that pedestrians do not have their own signal anymore but have to compete with turning traffic like in NYC. Why?!? Are we that big now that we can’t give pedestrians their own signal when they cross the street?!?! Part of the charm of living in CT/Fairfield county is that we encourage a slower paced lifestyle. Give the pedestrians back their signal. All four crosswalks get to go at the same time, no cars. I’m not saying this is the cause of this terrible tragedy. I’m just saying something is different around here lately.

  6. Native New Yorker says:

    So very tragic. I see it time and time again…Stamford drivers dont respect pedestrians. However, Stamford cross-walk signals are also too confusing for pedestrians…there are some signals that inexplicably never even change to ‘walk’, whether or not you hit the button

  7. JT says:

    There are not many courteous drivers left in Stamford, no less the ones that obey no traffic rules or laws. It is disgraceful that a person has to take his/her life in their hands every time they cross a street legally. It would be nice if these miscreants can be taught a lesson.

  8. AT says:

    I just heard that poor woman who was hit has passed away. How very tragic. My condolences to her family and friends.

  9. MikeT says:

    Not surprising with all the construction although I can’t speak for that intersection.

    Either driver or pedestrian could be at fault. Wonder if they were wearing earbuds that block outside noise.

    Making a right turn the driver shouldn’t be going very fast. Let’s see how this plays out….

  10. sandy says:

    Sad indeed, was just driving through that area, Stamford is one big cluster mess.