Madonna Badger remarries


MadonnaMarriedABOVE: Madonna Badger and husband William Duke (Facebook photo)

STAMFORD — Madonna Badger, who lost her three young children and parents in a 2011 Christmas morning fire at her home on Shippan Avenue, remarried in New York City Wednesday.

“We did it!” Badger wrote on her Facebook page July 23. “Bill and I eloped today!”

Badger met her new husband, Bill Duke, several years ago through his brother, whom Badger had dated. He was one of the people who visited her in Stamford Hospital the day of the fire, Badger wrote in a Nov. 2013 essay for Vogue magazine.

Badger, who returned to work at her fashion advertising firm Badger & Winters a year after the fire, has spoken publicly several times recently about the tragedy. In May, Badger delivered a Tedx talk on resiliency, and earlier this month she wrote an open letter to Cassidy Stay, a Texas teenager who survived a mass shooting that killed her family.

Badger says the love she received from friends and supporters following the fire helped her survive the death of her family.

“I do believe that the only legacy that my children will ever leave is their love,” Badger told the Advocate in 2012. “They’re not going to write a masterpiece or a symphony. This is really it. What saves you, what saves us all, is love.”

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3 Responses

  1. After I read her news I really pity her so much that lost lovely three young children and parents but at last Madonna Badger has meet new life with Bill Duke. It cause me fell pity her and romantic with her life.

  2. normajean says:

    congratulations! good for her!

  3. Rob Milford says:

    I can’t imagine walking one day in her shoes. I wish her happiness.