Animal Task Force hopes to complete volunteer agreement next week

I’m on the fourth floor of Government Center right now, where the city’s Animal Control Task Force is going over a draft of a new interim volunteer agreement. The agreement is a draft right now, which means it’s not a public document, but there are a few things we’ve learned:

  • The task force is looking to add a minimum number of hours volunteers should offer up each month. Right now they’re saying maybe eight hours a month
  • They want volunteers to sign a waiver in which they let the city know what their experience level is with animals
  • There’s talk of adding a designated phone line for volunteer coordination
  • Volunteers may get uniforms (probably just a T-shirt) so people can distinguish them from staff members
  • Cash donations would no longer be allowed. Instead checks will be recorded and receipts will be created. For material donations (like a 24-pack of paper towels), there would be a receipt of the good logged

Again, these are things talked about in a draft, so none of this is set in stone.

Animal Task Force Co-Chairwoman Eileen Heaphy said she’s hoping the task force can finish its wordsmithing and editing next week, so the interim agreement can be made available and volunteers can return to the shelter by Sept. 1.

Additionally, the task force is reporting that there has been an offer made for the volunteer coordinator position, which was verbally accepted yesterday. According to a representative from the city’s HR department, the start date for this new employee is Sept. 2.

Maggie Gordon