Felon caught with loaded firearm

A South End traffic stop resulted in a fully loaded gun being taken away from a convicted Stamford felon Wednesday night.
Derrick Littlejohn, 31, of 1250 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, was charged with criminal possession of a pistol, illegal possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle and carrying a pistol without a permit.
Sgt. William Brevard said that officer Damien Rosa was patrolling the South End on Pacific Street when he stopped Littlejohn driving a blue Chevrolet Lumina down the street. Brevard said he knew Rosa did not have a license and pulled him over.
After being pulled over, Rosa and back-up officer Willie Guilford thought that Littlejohn was acting suspiciously and asked if they could search his car.
Littlejohn gave his permission and when the officers looked at a damaged trim panel either on the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel or on the driver’s side door, their interest was peaked.
When one of the officers used his flashlight to look at the trim panel with a screw through it, he saw the butt handle of what appeared to be an automatic gun.
The officers opened the panel up and pulled out a .45 caliber brown and black handgun with seven rounds in the clip, Brevard said.
In 2004 Littlejohn pleaded guilty to a felony charge of engaging police in pursuit from an incident that occurred in Stamford that same year.

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2 Responses

  1. JET says:

    How on earth could he have gotten a gun when we have such strict, strict gun laws here in CT ? … Oh that’s right, the laws were enacted to prevent normal people who wouldn’t use guns for anything illegal from obtaining them without a whole lot of hoopla, but the mutants don’t have to abide by the law; they can just get one illegally whenever they wish.

  2. WF says:

    ” Brevard said he knew Rosa did not have a license and pulled him over.” Rosa was the policeman who pulled Littlejohn over. Awesome proof reading, a product of Obamas education system!!!