Stamford police chase suspect through downtown dinner crowd

mokoshviliUpdate Thursday, Aug. 28, 11:50 a.m. – The suspect whom police chased through downtown Stamford Wednesday was wanted in the murder of a taxi driver earlier in the day.

Shota Mekoshvili, a 29-year-old native of the Georgian Republic was charged Wednesday night with the murder of a Stamford cab driver after an intense manhunt and chase through downtown. Read the full story here: Intense search nets murder suspect

Original post, Aug. 27, 9:19 p.m. –

Stamford police chased a suspect through the downtown dinner crowd on Bedford Street just after 8 p.m. Wednesday, leaving restaurant patrons at the sidewalk tables wondering what was going on.

A man ran up Bedford Street from Broad Street with a uniformed police officer and what looked three plainclothes officers in pursuit, said Lauren Kirchner, who was eating dinner at Tengda on Bedford Street across from the Avon Theater.

“They ran really fast. I felt the wind,” Kirchner said.

A short time later the officers walked back past Tengda in the other direction, Kirchner said. What looked like an armored personnel carrier also drove through the area, Kirchner said.

Numerous marked police cars gathered on Forest Street at Bedford Street just after 8 p.m. as uniformed officers ran up and down Greyrock Place and into the Bedford Street parking garage.

It wasn’t known yet what the suspect was wanted for.

Christine Hall

9 Responses

  1. Diana langley says:

    Lilly white suburbs.. I hate to break it to you but you live in the suburbs. Stsmford is in the suburbs. Your jealousy of those kids in Mercedes is coming through loud and clear. Just stick to the topic of crime in downtown,

  2. Attorney Lionel Hutz says:

    Stamfordite – hate to burst your bubble, but downtown has never been completely safe.

  3. Yomamma says:

    You obviously don’t know Stamford history. Bedford used to be crawling with winos, junkies, and whores. Many of the store fronts were closed up and unoccupied. It’s hardly taken a turn for the worse. I’ll take Stamford downtown over just about any city/town in CT.

  4. Stamford Pedestrian says:

    Those that want to go live in a lily-white, overly entitled ghetto, please do. The rest of us are happy in Stamford. We’re also glad that the cops caught the guy who stabbed a cab driver to death. Not sure about the need for an armored personnel vehicle but the rest works for me.

  5. Stamfordite says:

    This town has changed, and not for the better! I, along with a few other female friends had dinner last night at a nice restaurant on Summer St. that was taking part in Stamford’s Restaurant Week. We had a nice meal and left the restaurant around 10 pm. A short distance from the restaurant an extremely drunk male stumbling behind us starting making crude and offensive comments. We stopped and asked him to pass, he wouldn’t and became agitated. We quickly walked in the opposite direction, back towards the restaurant. It was a scary and disappointing experience. I remember the day when I didn’t have to be afraid or feel unsafe being downtown but those days are gone. The development (can you say 9 million apartment buildings!) has outpaced the city. Security is lacking, the infrastructure is lagging, taxes have skyrocketed, a pissed off punk opens fire outside a downtown night club, elderly women get mugged at the mall, thug kids are knocking out other kids over sneakers … I’m just waiting for the city to implode. Sad.

  6. SeanO says:


  7. WF says:

    I thank the SPD and all agencies who put their lives on the line to arrest dangerous people, and I am very comfortable with dinner and a movie in downtown Stamford–

  8. Attorney Lionel Hutz says:

    Be real. There has always been a certain amount of crime here. You want us to be like the surrounding “towns”? With Biffy and Muffy driving Daddy’s benz?

  9. JETT says:

    Just like in the worst neighborhoods…it’s a real shame what Stamford was allowed to turn into…you’d never find this going on in surrounding towns…it’s disgusting…too much p.c.