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Stamford man arrested for kissing woman in store

STAMFORD-A city man was arrested in a Glenbrook supermarket after an employee caught him kissing a strange woman on her derriere as she bent over to pull a food item off a shelf. Wendell Woodroffe,
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Sobriety checkpoint in Stamford nets drunk drivers

A sobriety checkpoint on South State Street in Stamford Friday night teamed Darien, state police and Stamford police together for the arrests of five people for driving while under the influence.
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Stamford landscaper has equipment stolen

A Shippan landscaper in Stamford had his equipment cleaned out by burglars who took more than $10,000 worth of his equipment, police said. Police were called at 8 a.m. Monday morning to Shippan Avenue
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One man shot in Stamford’s South End Thursday night

A slug from one of two guns used to fire about a dozen shots on in Stamford’s South End Thursday night struck a man who may have been fleeing the trigger-happy gunmen, police say. Capt. Richard
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Imposter steals $51K from elderly Stamford woman

An elderly woman who thought she was opening her Stamford home to a water company inspector last week instead was burglarized and had a $51,000 cash nest egg stolen from her, police said. Police are
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Felon with gun in Stamford gets two years to serve

A convicted felon from Bridgeport, who was known to be bringing a gun into Stamford this past January, will have to spend two years in jail after pleading guilty to a gun possession charge easily
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Shots fired on Stamford’s East Side, no injuries.

A shots fired call to police led to the discovery of six shell casings on Stamford’s East Side after a 911 call reporting that shots had been fired on Friday night. Sgt. Kelly Connelly said that the
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Meda Francois. Contributed photo.

Stamford mom accused of striking daughter with belt

A Stamford woman was arrested last week after her daughter was found to have bruises and cuts on her thighs from allegedly being strapped. Meda Francois, 24, was charged with second-degree assault and
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Another loaded gun found in Stamford

STAMFORD-Another loaded gun turning up this time in the parking lot of a public housing complex in The Cove on Monday has police again reminding residents to call police if they see a gun and not to
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Stamford police release video of sex assault suspect

Stamford police have released a video of a suspect they believe grabbed a woman walking along Broad Street and pulled her behind the Sheraton Hotel last Tuesday night and tried to sexually assault
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