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Stamford voter turnout still slow, but steady

STAMFORD — Voter turnout in today’s Republican gubernatorial primary slowly climbed this afternoon, reaching 13.9 percent by the end of the work day. Of the city’s 12,444 registered Republican

Stamford voting picks up slightly

STAMFORD — Stamford polls saw a slight bump in voter turnout this afternoon, with lunchtime voters pushing the turnout for today’s Republican primary past the 10 percent mark. As of 3 p.m., 1,278 of

Unimpressive voter turnout in Stamford so far

STAMFORD — A mere 850 of Stamford’s 12,444 registered Republican voters have cast ballots in today’s GOP gubernatorial primary between Greenwich businessman Tom Foley and state Sen. John McKinney.
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Here’s an easy way to look up your polling place

STAMFORD — The Secretary of the State’s Office has released a handy new tool for looking up your polling place. The site asks you to enter your address and then uses Google maps to give you the

Beach hours reduced due to lifeguard shortage

STAMFORD — A lifeguard shortage has forced city officials to shorten beach hours for the remainder of the summer. The problem stems from lifeguards heading back to school, not a lack of funding to

Waterside has new city representative

STAMFORD — The Board of Representatives voted Monday night to approve the appointment of Virgil de la Cruz to represent Waterside’s District 2 neighborhood. De la Cruz sits on the Waterside

Operator error causes sewage spill

STAMFORD — A Water Pollution Control Authority operator accidentally turned off the sewage treatment facility’s ultraviolet disinfection system Sunday afternoon, sending 80,000 gallons of

Parking at the Government Center will be worse than usual this August

STAMFORD — Navigating city hall’s dark, cramped and overcrowded parking garage will be even more unpleasant than usual for the next six weeks. The Government Center’s parking garage will undergo

Madonna Badger remarries

ABOVE: Madonna Badger and husband William Duke (Facebook photo) STAMFORD — Madonna Badger, who lost her three young children and parents in a 2011 Christmas morning fire at her home on Shippan

City received 115 pothole claims this winter

STAMFORD — The Legal Affairs Department processed 115 claims from drivers whose cars were damaged by potholes on city roads this winter.┬áThe vast majority of claims were denied, according to