Coyotes attacking dogs in Stamford

Stamford Police are warning residents to beware of coyotes in the area after responding to several reports of the animals attacking local dogs. In responses to a police Facebook post on the topic, several Stamford residents confirmed seeing or hearing coyotes in North Stamford. Post by Stamford Police Department CT.   In the same post, police […] [Read More]
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Complaints intensify about Styrofoam pollution in Sound

A Stamford boater has once again lodged complaints about Harbor Point developer Building and Land Technology polluting Long Island Sound with Styrofoam particles. This weekend, Steven Loeb, a Shippan resident who serves on the city’s Harbor Management Commission, shot off an email along with photos to city and state officials regarding the scattering of Styrofoam […] [Read More]

Voters head to the polls in Stamford

STAMFORD — As of 2 p.m. 15,483 voters have cast ballots at the polls — or about 26 percent of the city’s 58, 477 registered voters, according to Republican Registrar of Voters Lucy Corelli. There was an early report of a problem with a scanner at one of the polling places, but Corelli said it […] [Read More]
Contributes photos of Park(ing) Day on Bedford Street

Group says downtown park project draws more than 100

On Friday, a team of urban planning activists decided to take on the world-wide urban planning experiment known as Park(ing) Day. Led by Emily Provonsha, a public space planner for the Downtown Special Services District, which was not involved in the project, the group set up a lounging area and bike parking station along two […] [Read More]

Stamford man tests positive for West Nile

STAMFORD — The Connecticut Department of Public Health has confirmed that a Stamford resident contracted West Nile Virus and has been treated and released from the hospital. The unidentified resident is the second person in the state this season to test positive for the mosquito-borne virus. According to Anne Fountain, the city’s director of public […] [Read More]

Poll: Rabbits on the rise?

In Monday’s Advocate, we reported that the New England cottontail is becoming an endangered species and is being replaced by the eastern cottontail. Have you been seeing more rabbits around Stamford this year? [Read More]

Double rainbow over Stamford

Here’s another photo from a reader: UPDATE: here’s an even better shot taken from a reader in Shippan: Whoa, double rainbow: [Read More]
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Stamford’s master plan

A final draft of the city’s master plan, the document guiding development throughout the city for the next 10 years, will be released next week. A public hearing on the plan will be held on Oct. 7 for residents and business owners to give their input. Here is an earlier draft version of the master […] [Read More]