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Do Stamford residents think marijuana should be legal?

Should marijuana be legalized and treated like alcohol – just another inebriant that can be used responsibly or not? Tell us what you think. Take our poll below:
Mayor Martin's budget

Poll: Will you watch Stamford’s public hearing online?

This year the city is live streaming the public hearing on the city’s budget on Tuesday evening. Assuming actually attending isn’t your cup of tea, will you tune in to hear what your fellow residents

Poll: Should Stamford give up city leaf collection?

A new city stormwater dumping law prohibits piling leaves up around storm drains, but that’s where they end up at collection time. Does it make sense to keep the leaf collection service going then?
The mayor's proposed 2015-2016 budget lays on the conference room table following Mayor David Martin's budget presentation to the press at the Stamford Government Center in Stamford, Conn., on Monday, March 9, 2015. His proposed budget carries a 3.81 percent tax increase.

Poll: Is Stamford mayor’s proposed tax hike fair?

Stamford Mayor David Martin’s budget proposal released Monday night would raise property taxes 3.81 percent. Last year he proposed a budget that would have raised taxes 4.99 percent, and the city’s

Poll: What’s the best way to handle Stamford’s freezing weather?

Apparently Stamford has ways to go with this unbelievably cold weather. What’s the best way to handle it? Take our poll below: Content loading… Please enable javascript! What’s the best way to

Poll: Are the sidewalks getting shoveled well enough?

  With winter dragging on and the storms seem to be hitting us weekly, there’s hardly time to get cleaned up from one storm before next arrives. And then there’s the question of where to put the

Poll: Was the plowing worse this week than last?

Content loading… Please enable javascript! Was the plowing in Stamford better or worse this week? Was the plowing better or worse this week? Better Worse About the same Snow cleanup in Stamford Last

Poll: Should Stamford accept $25K gift to hire mayor’s assistant?

City representatives opted to punt Monday rather than decide whether to accept a $25,000 gift from developer Richard Freedman to pay for a special assistant to the mayor. Members voiced concerns about

Poll: Did you spend too much on Christmas gifts this year?

Content loading… Please enable javascript! Dollars and sense Did you spend too much on Christmas gifts this year? Yes No I’m a Scrooge every year. Dollars and sense With the price of gas so low, you

Poll: How far do you plan to travel for Thanksgiving?