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: July, 2010

Design with a view: Shippan Show House is under way

Remember a couple of years ago when Bridgeport got its first taste of a Designer Show House — promoter Franco Grimaldi connected with the owner of the Chimneys estate in Black Rock and found an

Black Rock WPA paintings come home

The Black Rock branch library — which quickly became a vital neighborhood meetingplace after its reopening — recently announced some uplifting news: The four watercolor paintings of Black Rock that

Pop-up gallery through July in Westport

At the Westport art fair over the weekend, we noticed a little sign near the Starbucks, where the entrance to Domain used to be. Behold, it was a Nuartlink pop-up gallery, a temporary art space that

It’s P.T.’s 200th birthday, but Barnum is still closed

The Barnum Museum, which had great things planned for P.T. Barnum’s 200th birthday this month, is still closed, although the ground-floor space abutting People’s United Bank is open and being used.

Second downtown public artwork is finally revealed

Gus Moran’s “Leaves of Grass” was unveiled before a decent-sized crowd on Broad Street last evening. The band from the Downtown Thursdays gathering on the green, the next block over, paused for the

Public art unveiling, take 2

The last time I hyped a big downtown Thursday, the city incurred millions of dollars in storm damage. So I’m taking no chances. Here’s a lazy man’s post, a cut-and-pasted press release (with my

Art from the ‘art czar’ on exhibit tonight

A reception this evening will unveil the recent works of Bridgeport’s new art czar, but the gathering is up in Hartford where for many years he was executive director for the Greater Hartford Arts

Bridgeport Arts Fest is not your father’s craft fair

The Bridgeport Arts Fest is coming up quick — Saturday, July 17 — and for artists this is an inexpensive vehicle for getting positioned in the middle of a fun event at McLevy Green. The Bridgeport

Kinetic art on parade

The City Lights Gallery is planning a parade of kinetic art — art that contains moving parts — in September. But first, they need kinetic art. If you’re an artist and you want to take part, email a

Kicking off the weekend in Southport

What better way to kick off the all-American holiday than with a trip on Friday to the all-American village of Southport. For the opening of a new exhibit by a Russian artist, Sonia Grineva. A