Take the 2 or 3 line to Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Museum

If you’ve been meaning to visit the Brooklyn Museum, now is a good time go to if you’ve been watching “Work of Art” on Bravo. (If you live in Connecticut, I recommend the subway.)

Hey, you’ve committed to this program, for better or for worse, all summer. Cap it all off with a visit to the exhibit of Abdi’s work, which was one of the prizes accorded the winner, and enjoy seeing his sculptures and paintings in person — knowing more about the person and his process than you might know about the more formidable works in the collections.

Then consider whether the museum did the right thing in allowing its rooms to be let out as a prize in a reality show. It’s a raging debate. I could be wrong, but I’m very pleased to see a major institution take such a populist approach to art — particularly when the artist is so talented.

More about Abdi and the show on my blog.

Lee Steele