FAC: Jonathan Waters sculpture, works on paper

The Fairfeld Arts Center on Sanford Street is preparing to exhibit sculptures and works on paper by Jonathan Waters starting with a reception 6-8 p.m. Thursday, July 7.

The Connecticut-based, Yale-educated artist, cites Alexander Calder, Mark di Suvero and Richard Serra as major influences, and he has worked with Serra.

The FAC press release does a good job capturing Waters’ purpose:

“Waters seeks balance in his art that allows the viewer to concentrate on unadulterated line and shape without the clutter of extraneous compositional elements.  He focuses on “drawing in space” and transforms the two-dimensional into three-dimensional objects; Waters’ goal is to actively engage his audience using his method of assembly and geometric contours to attain an overall sense of harmony amidst the duality created by an intentional use of contrast.”

Kristin Rasich Fox, FAC’s Executive Director enthuses, “Waters is a powerhouse in terms of the strength of his work.  Influences from the Russian Constructivism, Abstract Expressionism and the Japanese Ukiyo-e (wood block prints) art movements have contributed to Waters’ ability to deconstruct forms into fundamentally organic elements.  A well-known fixture in the New Haven arts scene, it is a privilege to be able to exhibit Waters for the next two months.”

Jonathan Waters:  Recent Sculpture and Works on Paper runs through Sept. 4.

Lee Steele