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“Arte de Taínos” at City Lights

City Lights Gallery is celebrating the pre-Columbian art of the Taínos. The “Arte de Taínos” exhibit brings us three events that recognize the rich Taino culture of the Caribbean. This comes together

Flo shows off her latest acquisition, among others

The Florence Griswold Museum will be showing off its newest old painting on Saturday. It was created well after the height of Impressionism, but is a beauty nonetheless. Wilson Irvine’ s “The Broken

Cultural council sets public meeting over ‘mission’

Arts councils are notoriously contentious, but sometimes some clarification really is in order. The Bridgeport Arts & Cultural Council is holding a public meeting  to “discuss the BACC mission and

BACC creating an artists’ registry

The Bridgeport Arts and Cultural Council is taking names. If you’re an artist who lives or works in Bridgeport, the BACC is asking for up to five pix of your artwork and studio to

Black Rock Gallery moves east, and historians are standing by

Eileen has brought her Black Rock Gallery east of the Pequonnock, and now it is fitting that we explore the city’s East Side. The East Side is gritty and hardscrabble and its footprint is little

Mundane objects transformed at Sacred Heart

At Sacred Heart University’s contemporary art gallery, one man’s trash is another man’s art exhibit. After a little reinterpretation, of course. Curator Laura Einstein offers Contemporary Souvenirs,

Next up on Broad Street: John Lawson

The public art competition continues, snow or shine. MainStateVentures will unveil new artwork by John Lawson at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 6, on the brick wall facing the Burroughs-Saden Library on

Jay Cusano: A busy winter making up for lost time

Jay Cusano spend most of his twenties in prison. Now at 30, he seems to be trying to make up for lost time. The West Haven artist been breathtakingly active in the art world since his release from

Kedon Beckford: FAC hosts first solo photo show

Kofi, Kedon Beckford Emerging artist Kedon Beckford has his first solo show, “Finding Time,” in Gallery II at the Fairfield Arts Council with an opening reception 6-8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 10. In August,

Jill Harrington Nichols: One painter, two shows, and a very busy year

I still think of Black Rock as an artistic zone, but the sad fact that once Eileen Walsh moves her gallery action across the Pequonnock in January, Framemakers will be Fairfield Avenue’s last gallery