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Paul Steinmetz writes about Western Connecticut State University

Wyclef Jean Is A Hit!

It turns out Wyclef Jean is a sweetheart. My bias is that famous rich people are going to have an attitude, but from the moment Wyclef, as he insisted everyone call him, got out of his car at the Westside Campus Center to prepare for WCSU’s undergraduate commencement, he shook hands, talked to professors who […] [Read More]

Hazards of the Profession

Walking across the campus on a warm spring day is one of my small pleasures: the flowering trees, the historic buildings, the strong young people exercising their vocabularies. I make my way from Point A to Point B, a short and relaxing break. A professor is walking toward me. I can’t remember her name. Her […] [Read More]

Parking is Easy at WCSU

A friend of mine said recently that WCSU has excellent events on campus and he would consider attending — except that he can’t quite figure out where to park or how to get around once he gets here. It may be that he likes his lounge chair and beer more than any type of exercise […] [Read More]

The Heart of Hubble

“There are a few more tweaks that have to be done (since the repair mission that installed a new fine guidance sensor) but they are very well aligned because of the latches. And, oh yeah, we made the latches, too.”
– Linda Abramowicz-Reed, systems engineer at Goodrich ISR [Read More]

Blog Name Change

My handlers at Hearst Newspapers, which publishes this blog, suggested the other day that I change the name of “Steal This Blog” so that it better identifies the subject about which I usually write: Western Connecticut State University. As you will remember, I lifted the original name from Abbie Hoffman who wrote “Steal This Book.” […] [Read More]
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Visit from a writing genius

Helen O’Neill is a petite, will o’-the-wisp of a woman with an Irish accent and complexion, topped off with fair red hair. She is also a stubborn cuss. I believe both her heritage and her personality have contributed to her status as one of the most amazing writers you might ever have the pleasure to […] [Read More]

Details, details

The university invited me to teach a writing class because of the vast knowledge I gained in my newspapering years and my obvious skill as a journalist, writer and leader. I said yes and soon was struck by the terror of standing in front of a class with nothing to say. That won’t do, so […] [Read More]

WCSU Students Are Impressive

Steve Greenberg is a friend of Western Connecticut State University and a friend of mine. Right now, I appreciate especially that he has written this week’s blog for me. Here is Steve’s report from a recent visit to campus: “Was up at the campus wed night for our Ives board meeting, yes, I signed up […] [Read More]


Someone who was on-scene during the construction of the Hubble Space Telescope, and who now counts herself among the legions of my dedicated readers, let me know that my last column did not live up to my usual high standards for accuracy and completeness. My reporting implied that the Perkin-Elmer Corp. of Danbury was responsible […] [Read More]


Twenty-six years ago I was a reporter for The News-Times and Paul Estefan was one of the people in charge of moving the mirror of the Hubble Space Telescope from the Perkin-Elmer Corp. building where it was created to Danbury Airport and then to California for integration into the telescope superstructure. In the newsroom, the […] [Read More]