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Greenwich - Fashion on the Avenue 9/5/2014 Photo: Todd Tracy / Hearst Media

Greenwich’s ‘Fashion on the Avenue’ – Show

Sponsored by the local fashion-oriented retailers on Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Connecticut held it’s annual “Fashion on the Avenue” event last night. As a photographer who learns his craft on-the-job I couldn’t have been more excited about an assignment, or been happier with the results. To give a little background; my primary assignment is to image-capture […] [Read More]
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Jake Miller photo: Todd Tracy / Hearst Ct Media

Jake Miller Alive@Five performance

The Hearst producers called, “Todd, can you get down to the Jake Miller concert in Stamford?” “no problem!” I answered. The first thing I noticed upon my arrival at Columbus Park, where they hold the Alive@Five summer concert series, is that there were thousands upon thousands of young pretty girls! Practically swarming the place. I […] [Read More]
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Christine Ohlman will Rock at FTC on 29th

In the world of deep traditional rock vocals Christine Ohlman — owns —. Her platinum blond beehive hairdo stands out, but it is her vocal chops, derived from classical gospel and soul / rock & roll, that have her in the top echelon. Tickets are on sale now for the performance with her band Rebel […] [Read More]
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The First Time

I remember clearly the the first time I heard Keith Jarrett play piano more than 20 years ago. My life changed during those moments. To call them moments does not describe how time itself changed form – under his spell. It was about four in the morning and I was driving home from the city. […] [Read More]
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Alive @ Five in Samford 7/24/2014 photo Todd Tracy

Smash Mouth & Sugar Ray pop icons in the park

Alive @ Five rocked. Smash Mouth & Sugar Ray combined have many #1 hit singles. Downtown Stamford at capacity–it was the true ‘sea of humanity’ that I have been looking to get on film. *Special thanks to Hearst Ct Media and the Office for Special Services* The following: 1. Rock photo-set (96 pics of Sugar […] [Read More]
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World Cup Watching

Stamford Conn.– Downtown Hundreds of fans gathered at Capriccios Cafe and Tigin Irish Pub Sunday evening at 6 to watch the World Cup soccer match between the USA and Portugal. The patriotic mood can be seen and heard in this short video clip from the scene. pictures here   [Read More]
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Black Rock – a day in the park

The Black Rock Day festival featured a rock solid funk lineup including the BRYAC Funk Allstar supergroup; Jen Durkin & Darian Cunning. All-in-all a great family day for the beautiful people of Black Rock and the surrounding towns. I only had one short clip of the music as the band started, so I looped it […] [Read More]
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Carlos Santana Performance Greenwich Party 5/24/2014 Photo: Todd Tracy / Hearst CT Media Group

Santana Performance Greenwich Party

The Greenwich Town Party was spectacular on Saturday. Musical performances by Buddy Guy and Carlos Santana mesmerized huge crowds.                 [Read More]
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