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Yearly Archive for 2009

: 2009

Blogger turned Author

It’s a thrill to buy a book written by a favorite blogger . . . it seems like you know the author, and its fun to follow their progression. Check out these books written by bloggers: The Sartorialist
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The Cobain Factor

As uncertain times drive us to seek out comfort, fashion embraces soft cotton flannel once again. A notable list of celebrities have been caught wearing flannel, and the lumberjack inspired uniform
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Go Go Gadgets

Recessions are always important for the tech industry. Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and even Skype had their beginnings in economic downturns. For a list of noteworthy new tech items, take a look at
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Bobbi Brown for the Holidays

Whether you are looking for a way to shine during Thanksgiving dinner, or stocking stuffers ideas- Bobbi Brown is the way to go. My friend at Bobbi Brown gave me insight into her favorite new
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Robert Frank: 1950’s Street Photographer

As the weather turns colder, museums offer us a warm environment to enjoy all kinds of landscapes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art currently features an exhibition by 1950’s photographer Robert Frank.
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Organic Treats for your “Best Friend”

Unconditional love and steadfast devotion deserve to be rewarded, and what better way to do that than with a wholesome, organic treat! Dog treat, that is. The organic food craze has firmly planted
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Addressing your Address

If your email address was set up by your grand children, you might be better off than those who created their account back in 1996 and are stuck with a moniker like But you
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Beauty For Us Both

Looking good for both men and women starts with excellent grooming. A great site for male grooming is Men’s Health, offering an extensive list of grooming products and suggestions for pulling it all
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Perennial Fun

If you ask most New Yorkers their favorite season, they will say fall. For starters, fall fashion means means everything from tights to cashmere sweaters- and Central Park’s golden leaves are always
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Fast (& Still Delicious) Food

It’s definitely easier to leave your warm blankets on a cold winter morning when there’s a hearty, home-style breakfast to look forward to. The newest breakfast trend is frozen or pre-made gourmet
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