I am have been playing golf for nearly sixty (60) years now.  My mother and grandfather used to play in Vermont and I tagged along behind them with a broken down four wood as a toddler.  I am hooked.  Addicted.  Bled golf.  Have been, will continue to do so unless I get a hole in one.  Then I am quitting?  On our last round of the season today at Longshore, with great weather in the 80’s, I started off playing poorly.  A few double bogeys and I was about to quit.  Plus my lady was kicking my ass in our normal match-play format (she gets one stroke a hole).  So I get to the par 3 and hit a pure 6 iron to one foot of the hole.  Stroke in the birdie.  On the next hole, a long par 4, I hit a good drive and hit a pure 7 wood within two inches of the hole, some 210 yards away.  I am smoking.  Par the next, part the next.  On the ninth (and our final hole), I smack a perfect drive but am blinded by the early setting sun.  Can’t find the ball anywhere? Lost ball.  Lose the hole with a double bogey.  And our golf season is over.  And that my readers, is why golf is a four letter word!!

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carl swanson

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