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Dr. Jim Taylor

Will Technology Save Public Education?

There’s no doubt that technology is the new “panacea du jour” for public education in America today. Hundreds of millions of dollars (and much more on the way) are being spent on getting iPads and other tablets into the hands of teachers and students all over the country in classes as early as kindergarten. This […] [Read More]
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Will There be a Backlash Against Technology?

In a past post, I described my belief in the Law of Unintended Consequences, which suggests that we can’t predict how innovations will impact us individually or collectively. This law couldn’t be more relevant than in the influence of the Internet, and all of the technological advances that followed, on our lives. What makes the […] [Read More]
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The New Demands of 21st Century Leadership

Perhaps the most frequently asked questions these days in boardrooms, corner offices, and business school classes is: What is leadership and how has it changed in the 21st century? There is little doubt that the business landscape has changed in the last two decades driven primarily by two forces: globalization and technology. Not surprisingly, these two […] [Read More]
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Is a Media-filled Life Leaving Your Children Unprepared for Real Life?

Beyond the specific areas in which you need to prepare your children for this crazy new world and, as I have shown, in which popular culture and technology is not helping you, there is an overriding way you can best ready your children for what lies ahead. You need to prepare them for life. You […] [Read More]
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Remove the “Mindblocks” from Your Life

Ideally, you should be living in the present while striving for your healthiest goals of, for example, meaning, happiness, love, success, and fulfillment. You should feel joy and inspiration. You should be optimistic and able to participate in thriving relationships. You should find satisfaction in your work, experience warm and loving family and friends, and […] [Read More]
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How Your Children Can Get Enough Sleep in the 24/7 Connected World

Sleep may be the most important, though overlooked, contributor to your children’s development and health. The reality is that children can survive without exercise and on little food (though I don’t recommend either), but all children need sleep. It’s often unnoticed because you don’t usually see your children sleeping and its benefits are not readily […] [Read More]
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You’re Not That Important!: Letting Go of Self-Consciousness

Is it just me or are people more self-conscious than ever before? Thanks in no small part to the Internet, it does seem like everyone, at least celebrities such actors, pop singers, and professional athletes, seems to be “under the microscope” these days. They are stalked by the paparazzi, web sites chronicle their every step, […] [Read More]
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Feed Your Children a Balanced “Diet” of Technology

The operative word in raising healthy children in this often-times unhealthy digital world they are growing up in is balance. A nutritional analogy works well here. A balanced nutritional diet doesn’t mean 50 percent healthy food and 50 percent junk food. Rather, a balanced diet involves ensuring that your children get adequate nutrition from all […] [Read More]
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