Where’s the Mayor?

Minutes from Sept. 28, 2010 regular meeting, shows BOE members in attendance

I bumped into Stamford’s NAACP President Jack Bryant in Stamford High School’s main office Tuesday morning. We chatted for a few minutes, during which time he told me to expect a long list of people to turn out at this coming Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting to voice their concerns about the recent conversations about grouping.

The grouping topic has brought out a lot of Stamford educators, parents and other community members in recent weeks. But the one person I’ve yet to see at a Board of Ed meeting since I started reporting for the Advocate in July, 2010 is Mayor Michael A. Pavia.

The Advocate ran a story on June 26, 2010, in which then-education reporter Wynne Parry wrote:

“I have been very busy, but now I have some time, I’ll be attending the meetings,” when possible, he said.

According to minutes from the Board of Education meetings since that date, Pavia, who is a non-voting member of the Board,  has not attended a second meeting. It’s an issue that has caught the attention of parents who regularly attend the meetings. Last month, Rippowam PTO member Kerry Hunt sent the mayor this email:

Rippowam PTO member Kerry Hunt's April 27 email to Mayor Michael Pavia

Do you think it’s important for Mayor Pavia to attend Board of Ed meetings?

Maggie Gordon