Heftman to legislators: No more unfunded mandates

Stamford Board of Education member Jackie Heftman told legislators Wednesday morning that districts cannot handle any more unfunded mandates.

Heftman was the only board member who attended a legislative breakfast at Norwalk Community College Wednesday morning, during which representatives from the college and state lawmakers discussed a variety of topics about education. While several legislators touted work the state is doing to set up an application for a No Child Left Behind waiver, Heftman asked that they think about the botom line before they make any more requirements for school districts.

Here’s what she said:

Connecticut has not done a cost study on the waiver application. California has estimated it will cost them about $2 billion to fulfill all the requirements that they promised in their waiver. Those of us at the local level plea with you, do not send us any more unfunded mandates. If the state can’t ultimately afford to do what we’re promising in the waiver application, don’t do it. We just can’t take any more unfunded mandates.

Maggie Gordon