Seeking teachers to talk about SmartBoards

Teacher Erica Levine uses the SMART board while teaching science to her fifth- grade class at King Street Intermediate School in Danbury in this file photo. Matthew Gregory, 10, works out a problem on the screen.

Attention Stamford teachers: I’m working on a story about the implementation of SMART Board technology in Stamford Public Schools, and I’m looking to speak with Stamford teachers.

  • Do you have a SMARTBoard in your classroom?
  • Waiting (not so) patiently to have yours installed so you can get to work with one?
  • Do you think it’s approved your students’ achievement, or helped you bring more innovative methods into the classroom?
  • Or do you think they’re overhyped?

I’d like to talk to Stamford teachers with a wide range of opinions on SMART Boards, so if you have anything to say about the interactive white boards and have a few minutes to spare on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this week, give me a call: 203-964-2229 and let me know where you stand. Or, shoot me an email at

Maggie Gordon