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Mystery Skype at Springdale

I spent a couple hours in Jimmy Sapia’s fourth-grade classroom at Springdale Elementary School earlier today, during which i had the opportunity to observe a variety of lessons (fourth-grade is my

Fairfield County No. 3 most educated region in nation

The New York times ran an interesting piece Wednesday, which examined the brain drain as it relates to former industrial hubs throughout the country. It noted that many cities in the rust bet, like

Stamford named No. 10 city to raise a family

Stamford was named the No. 10 best American city to raise a family in a new report released this week by The report identified a total of 10 cities to identify as the nation’s best,
Sorry about the quality — it's a still from the movie clip.

Video: Scofield 7th grader explains theoretical, experimental probability

I spent a couple hours at Scofield Magnet Middle School earlier today to observe a seventh-grade classroom for an upcoming story I’m writing about math and science curriculum in the city’s schools.

Stamford student earns top honors

Maria Farfan, a 49-year-old graduate of Stamford’s adult education program was honored at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting, in recognition of being named Adult Learner of The Year by

Five students receive PT Council scholarships

The Parent Teacher Council of Stamford awarded five scholarships to high school seniors in its annual Maureen Tobin Memorial Scholarship award. The scholarships, which total more than $6,000, were

A 40-year old budget

I’m working on a story for this coming Sunday’s paper about Stamford’s service roll — a monument to Stamford men and women who served in World War II, which was torn down in the late 1960s. The story

Fairfield County schools on top of another ‘Best of’ List

Another week, another “Best of” schools list. Newsweek released its list of the top 1,000 high schools in the nation Monday, which includes 10 Fairfield County schools. If it looks familiar, it’s

High school rankings up for audit

Earlier today, Education Week reported that last week’s U.S. News rankings, which placed five Fairfield County high schools in the state’s top 10, is going to be audited in light of questions about

Stamford Dollars for Scholars to dish out dough

Stamford Dollars for Scholars, a local arm of Scholarship America, will dish out 11 scholarships at its first annual scholarship ceremony. Dollars for Scholars will present $2,000 scholarships to 11