Arne Duncan ‘commends’ Connecticut on signing ed reform bill

San Antonio Express News File Photo

Just minutes after Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed Connecticut’s new education bill into law, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan issued a statement, in which he said he is in favor of the reform measure, S.B. 458.

Here’s what Duncan had to say:

“I commend Connecticut for coming together to enact meaningful education reforms that will benefit students.  I know the negotiations on S.B. 458 were difficult, but Governor Malloy and the Legislature, business, unions, educators, and advocates were committed to begin fixing what is broken in public schools.  The final bill includes important reforms in early reading, school turnarounds, school choice, and school staffing and delivers more resources targeted to those districts and schools with the greatest need.  Now that Governor Malloy has enacted the law, Connecticut can begin the hard work of putting these important reforms to work in the classroom.”

The bill allows for more scrutiny over teacher performance, while falling short of Malloy’s original plans to reform teacher tenure. In addition, the bill creates “Alliance Districts” for the lowest performing school systems in the state. These districts will receive additional funding under the reform.

Maggie Gordon