Stamford student’s film nabs prizes in Westport

About a month ago, King senior Amelia Arnold traveled to Seattle with some of her film-making friends to attend the National Film Festival for Talented Youth. Her short film, which was brought to life from a poem she’d written with the help of her co-director, 14-year-old Newtown filmmaker Max Galassi, had been nominated for an award at the annual festival.

Last week, the pair was able to pick up a couple awards a little closer to home, when they earned two awards at the Ninth Annual Westport Youth Film Festival: Best in the Experimental Film Category; and Best in Connecticut.

Here’s how Amelia described the film in an April interview:

“The story is pretty far-fetched,” Arnold said with a laugh, chocking the drama up to her overflowing imagination. “But what I was thinking when I wrote this is that there’s this girl who doesn’t really know where she’s going or have her bearings, and she falls in love with a boy who becomes her entire life.”

But the boy represents moonlight, which Arnold explains is really a symbol of deception. Moonlight kind of gives you the light of the sun — which represents reality — but really it’s just a reflection of the sun. In the end, moonlight is only a projection, she said.

“In the end of the film, you can see where the reality hits and she realizes he was never really real. It’s kind of this reality versus fantasy that she moves in and out of,” she explained.

Maggie Gordon