Official results for school board race

The official results for the Board of Education race came in earlier today. Here’s how the votes boiled down:

  • Democrat Polly Rauh: 23,087 votes
  • Democrat Dolores Burgess: 22,465 votes
  • Republican Jerry Pia: 18,814
  • Republican Lorraine Olson: 17,118
  • Republican Jon Hoch: 16,173

Due to state law, which mandates that the Board have at least one-third of its membership represented by minority party candidates, Burgess will not be elected to the school board, despite earning more votes than any of the Republican candidates. Instead, Rauh, Pia and Olson will each keep their seats, leaving things largely unchanged on the Board.

“I think that we’ve got a lot of things started. We have Common Core. We have the issues of the alliance district and the high school reform, and I think there’s a lot of work ahead and much of it has to do with curriculum and instruction, which is where my heart has always been,” Rauh said during an interview Wednesday afternoon.

Maggie Gordon