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Most parents want snow days to come from February


The four members of the Board of Education’s policy committee discussed the district’s calendar Wednesday night, in search for a solution to the question on many community members’ minds: Should future snow days be taken from April vacation, or should the district find a “better” solution.

After hearing opinions on both sides of the equation — administrators said days should be added back in February in an effort to maximize seat time before state tests, while teachers’ union president Lori Rossomando pointed out that many teachers and families had purposely crafted their personal calendars around the published notice that days would be taken from April, not February — the four members could not reach a consensus on changes for the calendar as it is currently outlined. That means changes cannot be placed on the agenda for the full board unless two-thirds of board members vote that it should be revisited – something several board members said is unlikely to happen.

The decision to leave the calendar as is, which mandates that additional snow days be made up in April vacation, starting with Friday April 19 and moving backwards, is likely to upset parents. Here’s a snippet from a recent PT Council survey, which shows that more than half of the 1,744 parents who responded think days should come from February rather than April.

What do you think?

Maggie Gordon

2 Responses

  1. g says:

    The BOE had published the calendar explicitly stating that days would be taken off of April vacation if need be. For that reason, they should be taken off of April vacation. The time for surveys and complaining was when the BOE was creating the calendar, not now that it has been done and dusted for months.

    Parents who want to take their kids on vacation in April will still do that, and kids will miss the days. It’s not such a big deal, but you can’t go changing things at the last minute when there was a perfectly fine, previously voted on plan in place since last winter.

  2. Nicole Kapitan says:

    Let’s be honest- teachers are constantly having to take time out of learning and fully comprehending lessons so they can teach our children how to pass these tests. Why even ask the parents what they want? The survey clearly favors Feb break and a lot of parents are teachers. Kids and teachers will need April break after 3 weeks of testing in March. Take away Martin Luther King and 3 days 3-4 days in Feb.