What would kindergarten class sizes look like under Hamilton’s new request?

On Tuesday night, Superintendent of Schools Winifred Hamilton presented a revised version of her 2013-2014 fiscal year operating budget request, which tacks on seven new kindergarten teachers in the city’s elementary schools.

During the meeting, Hamilton said she would add a kindergarten teacher at all but five elementary schools: Davenport, Hart, Toquam, Rogers and Westover. But she also said the goal is to reduce the class sizes to 20 or below, which leads me to think she misspoke, and in fact she will be adding classes at Rogers and Westover, but not at Northeast and Newfield.

Here’s what those additions would look like in terms of class sizes:

The addition of seven new kindergarten teachers would come at a cost of $476,000. Here’s a slide she showed in her presentation, which spells out all the 11th-hour additions she threw out at Tuesday night’s board meeting:

And here’s the list of reductions she shared, which would help offset the cost:

In total, she sliced about $400,00 from her previous budget. You can read about all the details here.

Study up! Parents and other community members only get one chance to weigh in on the budget recommendation, and it’s fast approaching. The public hearing for Hamilton’s budget will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31 at Westover Magnet Elementary School, on Stillwater Road.

Maggie Gordon