It’s all about Tuesday for the schools

The biggest thing this week for the schools is the election on Tuesday but the board of education results might not be the most important.

The six people vying to win three seats on the board have all expressed support for addressing overcrowding one of the tip issues the district faces.

But it’s the mayoral and Board of Finance candidates that could ultimately make a difference in what the schools do. The mayor sets and controls the capital budget, which would include any project to build a new school or make additions and repairs. The Board of Finance also controls the budget and in this election, everyone has to take a stand.

After all, the school district makes up more than half the total operating budget for the city and its buildings are in need of millions of dollars in renovations even before you get to addressing overcrowding.

By the way, high school students who are 18 can register to vote on the day of election.


Rob Varnon