AITE goes international

This is a guest posting from a very enthusiastic teacher

By Anna Koltypin
Latin & Russian Teacher
World Language Department
Academy of Information Technology & Engineering


AITE recently hosted its 10th International Evening on Friday, April 4, 2014.  The evening celebrated and resonated our nation’s motto located on The Great Seal of the United States, E pluribus unum Latin for “Out of many, one” (alternatively translated as “One out of many” or “One from many”).  In other words, AITE student body, composed of many different cultures, ethnicities and heritages all came together as one to celebrate and support each other!

Representing 49 countries with their creative displays were 194 students.  The sense of unification and solidarity was so robust, indicated by the overwhelming attendance and support from so many teachers, students and their families.  Over 350 guests were in attendance that evening!  Even Mr. Paul Gross, AITE’s former principal attended with his wife and proclaimed that this International Evening was THE BEST evening he had ever attended.

International evening celebrated diversity, from the amalgam of color, culture, culinary creations, camaraderie, music and dance. Careful planning and arranging of the evening helped keep the exhibition of presentations and performance program organized and most enjoyable!   A floor plan was displayed in many areas of the cafeteria helping guests easily maneuver and locate tables of countries they were most interested in visiting and kept the flow of traffic moving in a conducive manner.

The evening began with an exhibition of presentations, much like an art gallery.  All of the presentations were set in a circular fashion around the walls of the cafeteria.  The presentations ranged from the United States of America to Dubai, Esperanto, Spain, Japan, Russian and many more.  Each country was accompanied by a variety of foods such as dumplings for China, Hi-Chew candies from Japan.  Families walked around the cafeteria and examined each of the presentations, enjoying the finesse and work that went into each cultural display.

The performance program presented and organized by the student body included various talent ranging from choir singing, a piano recital, Mexican singing, Chinese singing, Russian dancing, Irish dancing, Bollywood dancing, Latin dancing, Israeli dancing, Zumba dancing which was welcomed with much applaud and cheer!

All in attendance were delighted with the various country venues and the information and food presented at each station!

A special thanks to the students and World Language Teachers in attendance that masterfully coordinated the entire event!

Rob Varnon