Stamford celebrates summer graduates

This year's summer grads

This year’s summer grads

Robert Burns explained it nearly 230 years ago, to a Mouse, how even the best laid plans can go awry when the reality of living intrudes. But, that shouldn’t get you down and this July 31, Stamford celebrated a group of young men and women who found a way to get back on track after they got knocked off course.

On the last day of July, the school district celebrated 14 seniors who achieved their diploma through summer school this year, completing the final credits they needed by taking courses over the five weeks. This is the second time Stamford Public Schools has taken the time to honor these students achievements. It’s about time school districts did something like this for these young men and women. Good job on all accounts.

The ceremony was attended by nearly 100 family members, friends and staff. Superintendent Winifred Hamilton spoke at the ceremony at Stamford High. 015


Rob Varnon