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Who’s leading the pack? Part One: Elementary Schools

The State Department of Education released test score results from this year’s Connecticut Mastery Tests earlier today, opening up the doors to an opportunity to dissect and investigate student achievement in grades three through eight. In Stamford, the results for the city’s youngest students are overwhelmingly positive, with the biggest gains shining through in reading. […] [Read More]

GE Foundation Grant to fizzle at end of next school year

Last week, the Advocate ran a series of seven stories over six days, taking an in-depth look at the $25.8 million commitment the GE Foundation has made to Stamford Public Schools through the foundation’s Developing Futures in Education program. Throughout the week, the stories examined everything from the grant’s effect on teacher training and science […] [Read More]

Most Stamford students applying for college online

Most of Stamford’s high school students sent in their college applications through the internet this year, according to incoming Superintendent of Schools Winifred Hamilton. During Tuesday night’s Board of Education, Hamilton noted that 72.2 percent of the college applications filed by students at the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering this year were submitted online […] [Read More]

When will public get the full picture from last Tuesday’s meeting?

There was a lot of discussion last Tuesday night about a proposed resolution placed in front of the Board of Education, asking for a vote to continue the Board’s superintendent search. And unless you were one of the roughly 100 people present at the meeting, you have only two ways to fill yourself in: by […] [Read More]

Grads going off to more than 200 colleges

Hundreds of Stamford Public Schools students have crossed various stages and received their high school diplomas over the past couple years. And as they looked back on the past 13 years of their lives this and last week at their graduation ceremonies, students also looked forward to their next steps in life. “I’m so excited, […] [Read More]

Hamilton shatters Stamford’s glass ceiling

When Winifred Hamilton was approved as superintendent Tuesday evening, it marked the first time a woman has been permanently placed in the city’s highest education position — after 121 years of 19 men holding the post. Board of Education member Jackie Heftman was the first to make note of Tuesday night’s historical significance in a […] [Read More]

Twitter recap of BOE meeting appointing Hamilton

Did you miss Tuesday night’s special board meeting at which Winifred Hamilton was named superintendent of Stamford schools? Don’t worry. We live-tweeted the whole thing. You can read our minute-by-minute, tweet-by-tweet account of what happened during the meeting. First, you might want to brush up on a couple things: Last week members of the Board […] [Read More]

Stamford schools say yes to bake sales

The Board of Education’s fiscal committee passed a resolution forward to the whole board, which states that the city’s schools will not join Connecticut’s Healthy Food Certification program. Declining to participate in the program closes the door on an additional $.10 in funding from the state for every meal sold in the district’s cafeterias — but […] [Read More]
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Ed Week: 56 CT students leave high school each day

More than two high school kids leave high school every hour of every day in the state of Connecticut, according to a new report released today. Education Week released its annual Diploma’s Count supplement this week, running through statistics about graduation rates across the country. In addition to national data, Ed Week also released special […] [Read More]

A little more data on teacher absences

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the rate of teacher absences in Stamford over the last few days as a result of a story that ran in Sunday’s Advocate, shedding light on the fact that more than half of Stamford’s teachers missed 11 school days of more in the 2009-2010 academic year. One […] [Read More]