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: June, 2009

End of the line

We finished made it to my car before it really started to rain hard. Well I did anyway Christian was still taking video. The last leg was quiet past big houses and small cottages.

Private time

On the private part of Fairfield Beach Road. We stray above mean high water but no one seems to care. Sun has gone away again, but it is still a nice walk. Some of the hoMes are pretty big

Lunch time

The sun is out! We had some lunch and talked with Ann and Colleen Roche about the days when Penfield Pavilion was a private club called Sun Haven. We got frisbees.

Penfield beach

At Penfield Beach. Here we’ve seen professional sand sculptors and Subman passing out frisbees. It is starting to rain and we are going to take a lunch break.

Done with Jenning

About to cross over into private beach club property. No swimming at Jennings because of thunder

Jennings beach

Well we’ve gotten to actual beach. We’re at Jennings Beach near the boat racks. Not many people but the sand rake is on the job.


Didn’t kNow there was a helicopter pad here

Picnic grove

A short walk through a wooded area brings us to a picnic grove hard by the creek. We’ve met A couple of walkers but pretty much have the place to ourselves.

Ash creek

Day Seven At ash creek open space. Overcast but hoping to see the sun. Christian and I are heading out

SLIDESHOW Breaking the Sound Barrier Day 6 – Bridgeport