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Day 21: Video

Day 21: the Slideshow

Today was a wet one. After the refusals in Cos Cob and central Greenwich at long last we reached the Greenwich shoreline in Byram. High walls kept lawns just out of reach. Gazebos and hammocks


Arrived. The walk is done. I am at the southern tip of mainland New England. It is a great feeling of accomplishment.


Keelin and I are making good time about halfway through walk.

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Fell on my backside — pride hurt

Day 21

And we are off

Day 20: Slideshow

Day 20: Intern Video

Here it is:

Day 20: iPhone image gallery

Day 20: The Sound Barrier Guide to Style

I didn’t win the Sound Access Award, but I should get something for “making it work” with my official Breaking the Sound Barrier XL… dress.