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: July, 2009

Day 18: Her Name Was Lola, She Was A Goldendoodle

We encountered many dogs along the way from Old Greenwich to Riverside, but perhaps none more famous than Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford’s cute pet Goldendoodle, Lola. I got to pet her.

Day 18: Slideshow

Day 18: Video from the intern

I had a great day on the sound. We met up with some Greenwich Community Sailing campers in kayaks. I used to camp with them. Great memories. Here’s the video that I retrieved from the mini flip video

Day 18: Summer squall

Arrived at Miltiades Avenue on the banks of the Mianus River in Riverside just before a monsoon. Looked like Cape Fear. Back in the newsroom. Missing the Sound already.

Day 18: Images

Day 18: Celeb sighting

Kathie Lee just offered Kathleen some bacitracin for her knee.

Day 21

Here we are at Byram Park and set to go!

Day 18: Bilingual sherpa

Jay the intern is speaking Spanish to the day laborers we pass. A woman walking her dog asked if we’re part of the Sound Series and said to keep up the good work.

Day 18: First blood

Kathleen O’Rourke, our fearless photographer, just scratched her leg climbing through some thorns.

Day 17: The Lost Blog Post

Chris beat me to the “exclusive lost footage” claim, but yes, we did have an excellent blog post and photos which never made it online yesterday due to technical difficulties. Here’s what you missed: