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AT&T ditching unlimited data plans

Just when I thought my – seemingly – neverending question of whether or not to get a new phone came to a successful resolution (yknow, the one where I buy an iPhone and leave Verizon as soon as my current regular phone dies), I come across this article: AT&T: No more fixed-price unlimited Internet


Existing smart-phone customers will be able to stay on their $30-a-month unlimited-data plans, at least until their current contracts expire or perhaps longer, but new customers will have to choose from two different plans: the DataPlus plan that offers 200 megabytes of data for $15 a month, and the DataPro plan that offers 2 gigabytes for $25.

Pretty sure I missed the boat on the “existing” customer clause and now I need a new plan. And yes, I do need said plan ahead of time, cuz when my phone dies I won’t have time to compare and contrast; I’ll just have to head straight to the mall. Or wherever they sell phones.

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