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Your unexpected bonus

Check out this article from Budget is Sexy. It introduces the concept of bonuses you get throughout the year if you get paid weekly or biweekly.

I get paid 1 time a week. That’s 52 paychecks per year. There are 4 weeks in each month, or are there? Four months out of the year, I receive 5 paychecks. How can this be? Am I just that good of an employee that I warrant a quarterly bonus? I like to think so, but alas, that is not the case. 12 months X 4 paychecks each month = 48 paychecks a year. So what about the other 4 weeks of the year?

The author also lists some ways you can spend those bonuses:

What to Do With Your New Found Bonuses

There are plenty of things you can do with the extra money:

Buy some toys
Give it to charity
Go out to eat
Burn it for warmth
Put it into savings
Invest it
Add it to your retirement fund
Put it towards paying off debt
Cash it for $1 bills and roll around in it
The possibilities are as plentiful as oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

What do you do with those extra paychecks?

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