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Necco wafers go all-natural

Based on the comments from our earlier post, it seems like people will be giving out less candy this year — either from a desire to cut back on spending or because they don’t feel all of that candy is really good for kids. Is there such a thing as healthy candy? I’m […]

Do you have to wash it every time you wear it?

I have this argument with my daughters all of the time. If it’s only been on a couple of hours, and it’s not dirty, it doesn’t need to go in the hamper. Pajamas can be worn for a couple of nights – all you’re doing in them is sleeping!
I’m sure other […]

Sam’s Club to cut costs

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In order to better compete with grocery chains and other warehouse stores, Sam’s Club plans to cut prices on popular items and offer more everyday items, like food and beauty products. They will also be cutting back on furniture and clothing items.
The plan is to offer more of a variety of brands, […]

Rock Band 1 & 2 for less than $80

I heard about this deal over on If you know a gamer who has a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, but somehow didn’t get swept up in the Rock Band craze the first time around, you can now get Rock Band 1 & 2, as well a guitar and drums for less than […]

Book price war at Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon

If you’re thinking about giving books as gifts during the holiday season, or if you just want to stock your own collection of bestsellers, this may be a great opportunity to shop. According to an article I read this morning from the AP, a price war is currently underway between Wal-Mart, Amazon and Target. […]

Toys R Us introduces layaway option

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If you’re looking to buy a big-ticket item this holiday season, you can now put it on layaway at Toys R Us. The company just announced that it will hold items, such as cribs, bikes, play kitchens, dollhouses, etc., and allow consumers to pay in installments. Consumers must pay 20 percent of the […]

Is getting a bargain better in a group?

In an earlier post, I mentioned as a potential place to find restaurant deals. There’s an article today from the AP with a little more about the Web site and how it has been working for some people. In case you aren’t familiar, offers a different deal each day in different […]

Is a gift card really a good gift?

According to Ryan Sager from Smart Money, it may not be. While new legislation protects consumers by restricting expiration dates sooner than five years after purchase and fees when a card is dormant fewer than 12 months, he still writes that the money spent on gift cards could be a waste. Why? […]
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Do you say ‘I do’ to debt?

I thought this was a really good question that was asked over on A man wants to know if he is liable for his fiancee’s old debts once they are married. Can creditors come after him? You wouldn’t think so, but it’s worth doing some research and being prepared. Read […]
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Do you want to kick your Sidekick?

You might if you own the phone and have lost all of your data, including contacts. That’s apparently what has happened to many after Microsoft’s servers failed. If you have one of these phones, the company advises that you don’t let your battery go completely dead. Read more.
Do you have one of […]
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