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Surviving with a hot dog budget in a caviar world

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TV special to help you learn to manage your finances

PBS will be airing a special on Wednesday, September 9, from 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. that explains the importance of learning to manage your finances. The show is called ‘Your Life, Your Money’, and it’s hosted by Donald Faison (known for his role as Turk on ‘Scrubs’). The program targets young people […] [Read More]
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Organic or not, it’s all the same

Credit to Steve Barnes for highlighting this article
Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found that organic food has no health or nutritional benefits over regular food.
Personally, I love my chemicals (I’m sure I’ll get a lot of heat for saying this, but I’m very open about it). I refuse to pay […] [Read More]
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My most creative way of saving is to…

Check out this article which summarizes a survey conducted by Huntington National Bank. The survey asked people to complete the sentence: “My most creative way of saving is to…”
Most popular answers were, of course, to put money in your savings account before you can spend it, but there were some interesting ones. Here’s a list […] [Read More]
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Toys R’ Us Christmas in July


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Retailers are trying something new to make up for slumping sales. In an insert in yesterday’s paper, I noticed Toys R’ Us is having a Christmas in July sale all this week. If your kid is into Hannah Montana, the Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House, with doll included (how often does that happen?) […]

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$500 to your newborn

There’s a new legislation that will be proposed next week that
would establish savings accounts for all newborn U.S. citizens and allow them to grow tax free, with the federal government donating $500 to start each account
My guess, the government will get that money back in taxes (and then some!) when the kid […] [Read More]
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A commercial that will make you sick

Apparently Microsoft thought it was a good idea, though they have since pulled the online-only ad. Not sure why they think it would make you upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Read more about it (and if you want, view the video) from the Wall Street Journal Digits blog. [Read More]
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Bad summer for retailers = Good summer for you?

According to a story in today’s Times Union, stores are already slashing prices on their summer merchandise to make room for fall. While this is not a great sign for the economy, it does mean this is a good time to look for bargains. Read more about falling retail prices. I’ll try […] [Read More]
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The passing of Billy Mays

If you haven’t already heard this, Billy Mays, widely known for his booming voice while appearing in television commercials pitching everything from Oxiclean to Mighty Putty, passed away yesterday.
I noticed that the As Seen on TV Web site has a list of his most popular commercials. My daughter has repeatedly told me that I […] [Read More]
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