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How do you feel about shopping?

Read our article which summarizing Siena research on consumer confidence:
statewide gain [in consumer confidence] was largely resulted from confidence gains in the New York City area. Consumer confidence in upstate New York actually dropped.
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AT&T ditching unlimited data plans

Just when I thought my – seemingly – neverending question of whether or not to get a new phone came to a successful resolution (yknow, the one where I buy an iPhone and leave Verizon as soon as my current regular phone dies), I come across this article: AT&T: No more fixed-price unlimited Internet Whaaaaaaat? […]
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When money is just a side effect

Warren Buffett, and investor and one of the richest and most generous people in the world, likes to say that money is just a side effect of something he really really likes to do. He is known as one of the most frugal billionaires. Surprisingly, he’s not the only frugal ridiculously rich person. Check out […]
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‘Welcome to Detroit; here’s a ticket’

Here’s a very interesting article about police enforcing traffic laws as a way to bring in money to the state.
Of note: the article does not mention NYS (I don’t think) and page 3 talks about sanctions when towns take this too far
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Ask for discounts & shopping at farmer’s markets

Two great posts from Don’t wait for discount – ask for one The title says it all. Cable companies, your bank, some stores (Express is awesome about this; Macy’s – not so much, although they do offer to hold stuff while you go home and get the coupon. Like I’d go back, ha!) The […]
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Don’t text & drive!

Getting a ticket is expensive, and if we can help you avoid getting one that should qualify as savings!
Now that I justified posting this, troopers are planning to crack down on cell phone use beginning May 4 – May 7.
Back in 2009 this four-day p…
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Short Sales

There’s much talk lately about short sales. After listening to my fave FBHW morning show butcher the explanation (if you can call it that) I realize not everyone might know what it is. And I have to say, it’s a pretty cool concept Short selling is when you borrow something (assets) from someone else (broker) […]
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Blippy’s big blip

Social sharing is awesome except when everyone gets to see your credit card numbers… on google!
Read this article to learn more.
Oh, and if you use Blippy we suggest you delete any info you might have on there. Just in case.
ps: Blippy “is a fun and easy way to see and discuss what everyone is […]
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Store make-up testers

I love the idea of testers and samples. Few, however, I find pretty gross (like food samples at farmers’ markets, or lip gloss samples at Sephora. Can you say Yuck?)
Anyway, Allure is chiming in on the subject, saying that all make-up testers are contaminated with some sort of bacteria. Read the full report here
Free is […]
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New $100

Story highlights
New $100 bill to be unveiled Wednesday at U.S. Department of Treasury
It will be the first redesign of the denomination in 14 years
Currency changes come to stay ahead of counterfeiters
Read the full article here
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