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Trick or…?

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There may be fewer treats this year on Halloween. According to, families will be spending less on Halloween, especially candy. Read more.
I haven’t even started to think about Halloween, but I have two kids telling me they want to be Transformers (Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, to be exact). I’m guessing that […]

Only four months until Christmas…are you ready?

It’s ironic that I saw this post linked to from Consumerist today because my husband and I just had this conversation this morning. Every year we make the same mistake. We put off Christmas shopping until December and take a big hit in our bank account all at once. So this year, […]

Free Sharpies with purchase at Kmart

Buy $15 worth of school supplies and get a free 4-pack of Sharpie highlighters with this coupon. It’s good now until August 29.

How much will it cost to raise that baby?

Having another child is something I think about a lot. The Times Union is a very grown-up, serious building, and when, on occasion, a co-worker brings his/her children, their little voices make everyone stop and look for the source of the foreign sound. When someone brings in a baby, it draws a crowd. […]

Swap kids to save money

The evenings my husband and I hire a babysitter are few and far between. Cost is part of the reason for this. An evening out means not only spending on dinner and a movie, but also paying the babysitter (if we can even find one).
Some parents have found a solution to this problem […]

Toys R’ Us Christmas in July

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Retailers are trying something new to make up for slumping sales. In an insert in yesterday’s paper, I noticed Toys R’ Us is having a Christmas in July sale all this week. If your kid is into Hannah Montana, the Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House, with doll included (how often does that happen?) […]

SanDisk flash drives for $12 at Walmart

I always find back-to-school sales in July depressing. This one, I guess, isn’t as bad because it’s directed toward college students who do start earlier, but come on! July 4th was last Saturday! Anyway, Walmart is advertising some college essentials on sale from July 12 – July 18, including 4GB SanDisk flash […]